What Happiness Is

Just had a discussion with one of my students last night about the relationship between age and happiness from VOA news. It is one of the interesting topics that I had during the class. Well, happiness and age are precious to everyone’s existence. As I internalize the title, I asked myself “Am I happy at my age now? Maybe, yes? I think that I am happier when I was a little kid because I don’t have to think of anything but only candies.”. Since I am facing adulthood now, there are countless things that have been going in my mind. I have to think about things and oftentimes worry about the future. My age doesn’t stop and it just keeps on increasing day by day.

Every time I wake up in the morning there’s a sound that I could hear saying, “Hey girl, you’re one day older than yesterday! How far you’ve gone now?”.  Quite bitter, I have to close my eyes and sigh, it’s reality! We have to admit that we can’t stop the time, we can’t stop our age from increasing and we can’t stop chasing opportunities. Well, maybe it’s basic and normal people usually worry about it too.

Going back, I tried to throw that question back to my student. I asked, “Are you happy now?” She said cheerfully, “Yes, of course!” My left eyebrow raised and cheerfully replied “Good for you!”. However, behind my mind, I was thinking that she is still a teenager and maybe she didn’t experience real life yet. I told her, “Could you tell me what happiness is?” I was expecting that she would give me some literal meaning of happiness as being defined in dictionaries as a feeling. I was so surprised when she answered me with a bright face, “Happiness for me, are my family, relatives, friends, and all the people that surround me. I am happy because I could meet new people and talk to them. I am happy living each day; I have freedom. I have the people’s support, I am happy because I also met you as my teacher.

I smiled and realized that I almost forget the true meaning of happiness. She made a point! Happiness; you can surely have it regardless of your age. It is all about satisfaction, being satisfied and grateful for the things that you have now and to the things that you might not have. It is not about worrying about age and future but it is all about thinking of the present and creating things which you think, is the best. Sometimes, we feel alone, sad and wary but we need to cheer up because we have the love  of the people around us. We may feel down, however, we need to remind ourselves that we are lucky enough to have and be in our life. Happiness doesn’t just come through age; it’s actually a choice that you have to make at your age!

Cheers to happiness,


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