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The year has just started but who wouldn’t look forward to summer? The sands glittering on your feet while the ocean breeze kissing your face is a perfect thought for summer. Indeed, Indeed, it is quite inviting and relaxing. Well, do not just imagine. You can make it real!

It isn’t early to plan for summer! So grab your pen, be inspired, and add this island to your list.


CAMOTES. Coined after the Filipino term for sweet potatoes. Locals stated that natives were farming “Kamote” when Spaniards came across the four islands of Poro, Tudela, Pilar and San Francisco.

Small but Got it All

You will be pretty amazed that this group of islands could give you a bunch of adventures. Whatever your beach style is, you can surely flaunt it here. This island has a lot to offer!

The long shoreline of Santiago bay pulls a number of crowds, especially on holidays. What do you think you can get here? Well, just a free dose of white sands, clear waters, and breathtaking scenery. Here, you can find affordable accommodations. The restaurants are located right on the beach with a bit of nightlife existence in its serenity. Thus, you can relax, immerse with the locals, and enjoy without worrying costs.

If you wanted to be private, then you should be spending days on the resorts of Mangodlong. Have the freedom to wear your bikini here! You can sunbathe and get tanned the whole day! Nobody cares.

Mangodlong is famous for its rock formation. It is also a perfect spot for snorkeling. You can just jump off and swim like a mermaid with the beautiful fishes.

Do you want to go extreme? How about diving from a cliff to the ocean? If so, spoil yourself in Buho Rock Resort. Chicken-hearted travelers are warned.

Motorbike in a Day

Camotes is not only known for its wonderful beaches but also for their enchanting caves. Don’t miss spelunking on their caves with different levels of difficulty. Timubo, Bukilat, Paraiso, and Giwanon caves offer a cool dip after a sunny ride. It isn’t difficult to get in and out of the cave since the locals are developing it for the tourists.

For a taste of thrill, Holy Crystal Cave should be listed on your Camotes list. A man-sized cave that gets narrower when you go deeper and farther. Here you’ll see different formations of stalactites and stalagmites. The founder of the cave is the one who guides the tourists while explaining its history inside the cave. Why Holy? It is for you to find out.


Need more water? Head over Danao lake. Rent a Kayak, ride with the gentle waves, and feel the nature. There are lots of birds, be sure to look around.


One of the best things to end your day is to witness the sunset. The sunset on this island is so beautiful. If you will witness it with someone, you will surely fall in love.

Do you want to experience a wonderful summer getaway? Just approximately 2 hours from the mainland Cebu, this island is worth the drop.

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