Do Not Waste Time in BK; Go Mall Hopping

Arrived in Bangkok, but do not know where to start or perhaps, you got a free time upon your arrival? Why not explore corners and discover good finds? Some travelers plans ahead; however, traveling spontaneously leads you to unexpected adventures.   

We did not plan anything or the first day during our travel in Thailand, but because I was not able to bring slippers, we decided to search for one. Amazingly, we ended up hopping in different malls and walking kilometers. Well, it was superb! We were able to explore and observe local life without spending much.

There are lots of great malls in Bangkok which are just stations away. Just in an afternoon, you can visit numerous malls connected to Bangkok Train Station. So, if you are thinking about where to go or shop in Bangkok, here are few of the numerous malls that you can walk into.

Terminal 21

Terminal 21 is an international themed mall with 9 levels. Each level caters designs, products, and ambiance inspired by different countries around the world. Here you will get to know Thai designers and appreciate their works. There are lots of trendy and artistic designs here. So, be sure not to miss this place. Thai style spiced with the world.

Siam Centre

This is one the pioneer malls in Thailand. If you are looking for branded items, then this mall is for you. You can shop high-end products here. Just be sure to double –up your budget.

Big C mall

Big C mall is a famous store chain in Thailand. This mall has a supermarket, boutiques, and pharmacy. You will love it here because they offer great discounts. There are a lot of locals shopping here.

Do not waste your time getting stuck in your room. Go ahead and explore spontaneously!  Mall hopping could be one of the best ways to start your travel.

Do you love to visit and shop at Bangkok? Drop some thoughts in my box and would love to hear from you.

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