Why Go for Scuba

I wasn’t able to take a formal swimming lesson and am not that good in swimming, but one thing I am sure of, I love the water and the fact that 3/4 of our world is being enveloped with it, the idea always makes me feel amused. Stepping in or taking a ...


Explore the World

Take a Break. Being able to take a break, allows your body to rejuvenate. Thus it is vital for a person to spoil oneself at times or indulge oneself into hobbies or leisure. It would be best not to imagine oneself drowning into paper works or on just ...


Light and Inspiration

Life is like a paper, it is empty if you don’t put something on it, it is boring when you paint plain on it and it is just nothing if you do not make use of it. Just like a simple paper, life is easy to be crumpled, easy to break, could be ignored and th ...