Light and Inspiration

Life is like a paper, it is empty if you don’t put something on it, it is boring when you paint plain on it and it is just nothing if you do not make use of it. Just like a simple paper, life is easy to be crumpled, easy to break, could be ignored and thrown away. People need to value and appreciate every little thing that comes with life. It is much wonderful if we live to the fullest e and uncover the world of uncertainties. It can be much amazing if we keep on moving because in every step that we take comes a lesson of life. We don’t need to be afraid to take risks because in that way we can be wiser and tougher.

In short, we should live life in different colors. No matter how good or bad it is, we must take it heartily. In that way, we can paint colors in our life. Our journey is not about focusing on one color but it is all about creating, mixing, and blending to formulate a beautiful harmony.
Life makes sense and is of much worth if we always try to feel the balance of life and unfold the beauty of colors that we paint on it.

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