Why Go for Scuba

I wasn’t able to take a formal swimming lesson and am not that good in swimming, but one thing I am sure of, I love the water and the fact that 3/4 of our world is being enveloped with it, the idea always makes me feel amused. Stepping in or taking a plunge of it brings you to another world, a world that people don’t explore. Furthermore, it makes you feel enchanted to mingle with the underwater creatures and become aware of how much we should treasure the marine life. There are lots of activities that would make you unfold the beauty of the world underwater such as snorkeling, helmet diving and one of the best scuba diving.

Scuba Diving, If you want to take your underwater love into another level, Scuba diving is a must try. However, this activity requires professional instruction and guidance. Unlike snorkeling, this activity would enable you to go deeper, control your buoyancy, stay longer underwater allowing you to explore more. This activity is quite challenging but, it is worth the try even once in your life. In scuba diving, there should always be a diving buddy and I guess the picture below stresses its importance.

Getting a blast underneath the ocean.

Dive, explore and learn to conserve mother earth.

When the ocean calls you, don’t doubt go and dive with it.

Live life and swim with the fishes!

Gain friends, trust and dive.
Nothing would be cooler than having a shot with a smiling school of fishes.

Dive and be a Queen King of the sea:)

Exploring the underwater world is such a priceless experience, it makes you appreciate and love marine life a lot.

Share your underwater thoughts in the box below because someday all of us will dive.


Island Life

Island Life
It is just so sweet to stay in a place where you really belong. Where the atmosphere is simply inviting; you feel safe, calm, and relaxed. A high feeling of graciousness embraces you as you escape from the hassles and buzzes of the city. Where the wind that you have grown up kisses your skin and makes you realize that you deserve to have sweet moments away from the period of rush and pressures from work. How lovely it is to wake up without the need to catch up time and without the loud heart pumping, as you think of possibilities of the day. Living on an island, makes you feel blessed every day. Life is simple and there is no need to catch up with the fast-paced world trends.

Nature Fascination
Living in a country made up of 7, 500 islands, you will have all the opportunities to spend breaks hopping islands, basking beaches, and enjoying tropical breezes. In front, you can see the sea and when you turn to the other side, you have the mountains. So, you have an option to either spend breaks swimming or trekking. Growing here makes you more attached to the salty waters and calming nature.

I am one of those people, who are captivated by the wonders of the ocean and of nature in general. With the process of industrialization, sooner or later, its beauty will fade. This blog is as an avenue to spread awareness and consciousness to our Mother Earth.