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    The year has just started but who wouldn’t look forward to summer? The sands glittering on your feet while the ocean breeze kissing your face is a perfect thought for summer. Indeed, Indeed, it is quite inviting and relaxing. Well, do not just imagine. You can make it real! It isn’t early to plan for summer! So grab your pen, be inspired, and add this island to your list. PRISTINE. CAPTIVATING. “THE LOST ISLAND OF THE SOUTH”. CAMOTES. Coined after the Filipino term for sweet potatoes. Locals stated that natives were farming “Kamote” when Spaniards came across the four islands of Poro, Tudela, Pilar and San Francisco. Small but Got…

  • Beach,  Philippines

    Welcome Back Boracay

    The pure white sands, sun-filled activities, perfect sunset, nightlife fun, international vibes, and simply everything. Who wouldn’t be captivated by one of the world’s popular beaches Boracay? But probably it is contrary to what it looked like 10 years ago; long, wide, white shoreline, crystal clear waters, unpopulated, and not even a piece of garbage I guess. Moving on, everything is still wonderful! The white beach, coconut trees, boats, ocean waves, sea breeze, sunset, island music, plus the people from different races, would surely give you a dose of a perfect summer. I think everyone deserves to have a perfect summer getaway. If you are a person who loves the…

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