When You Think that Your World is a Burden.

World burden

There are times that we feel down which is normal for us to feel when we are troubled. Happiness is a choice but no matter how we opt for happiness, there are always uncontrolled situations that would make us feel disappointed. Well, this world is not a paradise because as long as we live, we are at risk to the “ups” and “downs” of life.

Some of us may be terribly sad as of this moment, some may be facing troubles and heartaches, some may have family problems, some may be cast-away, some may be undergoing identity, career, any financial crisis or just being bullied by the society and others might just feel like there wouldn’t be any escape from the hardships and struggles of life.

In order to make everything in place, take a pause, breathe deeply, and think about the good things whenever you feel that you are carrying the world. It may be dark when you close your eyes but as you try to flash a rainbow, you can see beautiful colors. We could be in our darkest moments but remember this has a purpose. However, do not worry because as long as there are problems there are always solutions! Problems and struggles exist, not for us to be such a failure but for us to be brighter and stronger. Every time you fall, try to get up, every time some people thinks that you are so small, prove that you are better than them, every time that you are heartbroken, contain your heart with people who value you. Whatever crisis you are experiencing, have the hopes and take actions. Appreciate life’s sweetness and you will surely get over your challenges.

Happy world

Indeed our world is round and we need to be prepared for the up-coming of life. Do not let the world press you down but instead think wider and control it. The way you think matters much because whatever thoughts that would set into your mind it will become a magnet. A magnet that attracts the positive or negative things of life. Have positive thoughts and attract positive things! In that way, you can take control and carry the world at ease.

Lets reflect on this verse from Matthew 32-34;

32“For the Gentiles eagerly seek all these things; for your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things. 33“But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. 34“So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.


Stressed and Anxious? You Should Read This

Caught up with stress, bombarded with schedules, and feeling drained?b You might lose direction leading your life to revolve around the world without a purpose. In this fast-paced generation, it is necessary for us to take a pause and remember a well-balanced life. We are not robots; thus, we deserve to escape away from stress, to be free from agitation and disturbance, and to regain vivacity.
Take a look at these ways.

When the atmosphere becomes heavy and you are about to burst, just breathe deeply. Breathing as a core of meditation process could regulate your mind to obtain focus and enabling a heightened awareness of the present. Furthermore, developing a time for meditation could help you discover calmness and inner peace.

Take a Break
After days of working, you must spoil yourself. You deserve a happy treat and it will surely erase the stressful week that you had. Your body needs rest, so do not overwork! According to studies, overworking may lead to sudden death. So, spend your holidays wisely and make it a precious one.

Develop Healthy Habits
Having a well-balanced life starts with a healthy lifestyle. Get enough sleep and it would make you so productive within the day. Eat healthy foods to nourish cells and make your body glow. Enrich your mind with positive thoughts to attract positive things. Surround yourself with positive peers and freely share parallel ideas with them. Be fit and confident by exercising regularly and be mindful by practicing yoga.

I found those ways to be helpful, I hope that it would work for you too! What are your ways to restore calmness and vitality? I am more than willing to hear from you, just feel free to drop in on my box.

Stress free= happy + beautiful life.


Light and Inspiration

Life is like a paper, it is empty if you don’t put something on it, it is boring when you paint plain on it and it is just nothing if you do not make use of it. Just like a simple paper, life is easy to be crumpled, easy to break, could be ignored and thrown away. People need to value and appreciate every little thing that comes with life. It is much wonderful if we live to the fullest e and uncover the world of uncertainties. It can be much amazing if we keep on moving because in every step that we take comes a lesson of life. We don’t need to be afraid to take risks because in that way we can be wiser and tougher.

In short, we should live life in different colors. No matter how good or bad it is, we must take it heartily. In that way, we can paint colors in our life. Our journey is not about focusing on one color but it is all about creating, mixing, and blending to formulate a beautiful harmony.
Life makes sense and is of much worth if we always try to feel the balance of life and unfold the beauty of colors that we paint on it.